Transforming the Office of Finance: Analytics and Forecasting Automation

EDT - Live Webinar

Calculators. Spreadsheets. Now Automated Analytics. The Office of Finance. There is never a dull moment, with monthly, quarterly and annual planning and reporting cycles. Excel versions flying around, last-minute updates, ticking and typing every possible figure before that final version is released - holding your breath and hoping for minimal revisions or errors. Feeling anxious...

Alteryx For The Office of Finance: Workflow Walkthrough

EDT - Live Webinar

Learn Analytic Workflows to Monitor Finance KPIs Management reporting helps leaders see what's driving their business. This includes key performance indicators (KPIs), which offer executives insight into the far corners of the business in order to help them make strategic decisions. Unless they receive high-level reports updated regularly, execs can miss insights for growing the...

Intuitive BI with Tableau: What’s New in 2022

EDT - Live Webinar

INTUITIVE SOLUTIONS WITH POWERFUL RESULTS Transforming the way we solve problems starts with intuitive tools that empower us to ask the right questions. Gone are the long days spent learning complicated software systems - with dynamic data visualization tools like Tableau, users can connect to virtually any data source with ease! Seamlessly work with any...