Instant productivity and elastic scale for computing and storage

The cloud changed everything by removing barriers that historically impeded investment in analytics like expensive software, big hardware requirements, and niche skills. It allows instant productivity, demand-based costing models, and powerful tools based on universal standards. Reduced IT burden means talented teams can be redeployed, no longer managing infrastructure but building powerful applications and pipelines to fuel a modern business.

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What we do

Cloud migration

Planning and managed services for migrating your applications, data and workloads to a cloud-based environment.

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Data warehouse modernization

Migrate your existing on-premise data warehouse to a cloud-based database, service or data warehouse application.

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ETL migration

Shift from ETL to ELT by taking advantage of cloud services to do change data capture, replication and streaming data integration.

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Data lake

Build automated pipelines and storage with a data lake.

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Cost modeling

Build cost estimation models for a services-based architecture in the cloud.

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Architecture Design

Modernize your architecture and develop an infrastructure for scale, resilience, and agility.

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Problems We Solve

Build elastic environments

Storage and computing resources that automatically size themselves to workloads and demand.

Modernize architecture

Eliminate dependency on physical hardware and allocate talent for building solutions, not performing administration.

Cost control

Only pay for the resources you use. The cloud makes dynamic X-as-a-Service environments easy to build.

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Our Team: Who We Bring

Cloud architects

Modern data needs a strong architecture and design to handle massive volumes and computing power. Our architects design the entire environment: pipelines, storage and the surrounding infrastructure, making any data project possible.

Data engineers

Data lives everywhere now, and our engineers are trained to capture it. They build pipelines to ingest third party, web, unstructured and machine data, then store, refine, organize and deliver it to consumers.

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Your Team: Who We Work With

Information technology teams

You know the existing systems best: networks, security, servers, backups and all of the challenges that come with IT infrastructure. We work with IT, listening for opportunities to not just lift & shift to the cloud, but to make massive improvements wherever possible.

Data integration teams

These groups have many names – Centres of Excellence, data provisioning, data warehousing, etc. We need to ensure that data flows from source to user unhindered, but ensure quality, completeness and accuracy to drive precise decision-making.

Our Technology Stack

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