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Vena Solutions redefines how medium and large companies manage budgeting, forecasting, financial close, and revenue performance management. Vena combines Excel with a centralized database, sophisticated workflow, and powerful reporting analytics in a cloud-based FP&A solution.

With Vena, analyze and report on your budgets, actuals and other data in real time. All with the tool you know and love – Excel.

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Putting Vena
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Finance teams have been relying on Excel for years to execute their budgeting and planning processes, but what happens when an organization outgrows Excel? Many solutions attempt to replace Excel, while Vena helps drive adoption by empowering it to do all the things you wish it could do – enterprise workflow and approvals, version control, collaboration, and being your single version of the truth. Our team builds Vena models that focus on powerful analytics – leading to faster decision making, accurate predictions and better financial modeling.

Experience financial planning you can trust

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Vena Solutions

Vena transforms Microsoft Excel into your ultimate financial planning and analysis solution — automating your tedious processes and centralizing your data so everyone works from the same, reliable numbers.

See Vena in action

Explore trending topics and insights with our on-demand webinars, led by our team and partners.

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What Every CFO Needs to know about replacing FP&A Software

When it’s time to make the switch with your FP&A software, learn how to make it happen with minimal disruption, maximum adoption, and a solution that best meets your needs.

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How To Be An FP&A Hero with Coke Consolidated

Discover how Coca-Cola Consolidated reduced its reliance on IT, improved the security of sensitive data, and introduced new processes like worldwide revenue and cost planning.

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Rethinking FP&A For the Reporting You Need

Discover how Yes! Communities are benefiting from on-demand, real-time access to important financial information, and how these improvements helped the company uncover the true value of their data.

Accelerating budgeting, forecasting and planning analytics across organizations as a Vena Partner.

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