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Newcomp can take care of your analytics pipeline so you can take care of your business. Our Managed Analytics service is built to manage any and all parts of your data & analytics supply chain. Deploy powerful results fast and present new analytical capabilities to your users in rapid fashion – without the stress of building, training and retaining your own elite internal data engineering and science practice like ours.

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Why Now?

Speed of thought

Users need more information faster than ever. But getting that data to them is not easy. Ingesting data, building integrations, transformations, models, testing for quality – and you’re not even halfway there.

A new kind of challenge

This isn’t a quick-fix kind of problem. You can’t speed this up with more money, or rely on promises of magical data science, or buy silver bullet software.

A modern workforce

Today’s work-from-anywhere model presents challenges (think security, communication), but also opens the door for new non-traditional team dynamics – our crew is just another face on the Zoom meeting, we just happen to be your analytics department.

Start Here And Grow

We are the curators of your analytics environment – from the simplest to most complex, Newcomp will grow with you. Whether you have none of these functions or all of them, our team will keep data flowing to your users.

Your Managed
Analytics workshop

Our Managed Analytics service combines a team, an environment and a book of best practices. We collect and organize data from your sources and get it into the hands of users.

Data Sources

Cloud & External

Web services and providers

Cloud & External Examples


Real time data from the real world

Streaming Examples


Corporate systems and repositories

Internal Examples

Data Hub

Collect, organize & clean

Ingest data and ensure quality

Collect, organize & clean Examples


Any data, any size

Storage Examples

Advanced Analytics Models

Deploy and continuously train models

Advanced Analytics Models Examples

Curate & Deliver

Curated data sets for your users

Curate & Deliver Examples


Data access for the public, your partners or customers

Expose Examples

Manage & Govern

Security and governance keep data safe

Manage & Govern Examples

Data Discovery


The power to explore, create and share

Self-Service Examples


Integrate analytics into other applications

Embed Examples

Data Science Work

Powerful workbenches for citizen data scientists

Data Science Work Examples

Your Managed
Analytics Engine

Your users are hungry for data. Managed Analytics keeps them well-fed by continuously delivering new data sets, moving information through modern data architecture.

How To Start?

We have a formula that helps us quickly map out the type of Managed Analytics you need – now and for the future.


Define the current state of your data environment

What are we working with?


Define our vision for the future state

What are we working towards?


Map out the team and communication flow

How will our teams integrate?


Agree on service outcomes

Keep the lights on, or build AI models?

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Once we have a blueprint, Newcomp prices out the Managed Analytics service for you and our work together begins for a predictable scheduled fee.


Let’s talk. The first step is to speak with one of our analytics practice leads to ask the fundamental questions.

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