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Revolutionizing business through data science

We partnered with Alteryx because we know you’d rather have deeper insights in hours than weeks. Alteryx helps organizations revolutionize their data processes by making it possible to connect, profile, prep, and blend data, wherever it’s stored.

With repeatable workflows and an intuitive user interface, Alteryx offers data prep capabilities that are up to 100X faster than traditional approaches.

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Putting Alteryx to Work

You might have heard that Newcomp performs magic. The truth is, we do – and we use Alteryx for most of those impressive feats of analytical super-strength. Our data engineers and scientists build complex optimization models, perform data matching, classification, connect to non-traditional data services, and automate data transformation workflows – all with a single tool.

How Alteryx Makes us Better

Experience the thrill of solving

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Alteryx Designer

Streamline your data preparation process through repeatable workflows that combine data prep, data blending, and advanced analytics all in one intuitive user interface.

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Alteryx Server

Accelerate your time to insights on a scalable platform that quickly and easily deploys data-intensive analytics across your organization.

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Alteryx Promote

Deploy predictive models faster by eliminating the need to recode models for real-time application. Easily deploy, manage and monitor your models in Alteryx Designer in one automated solution.

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Share + Govern

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Deploy + Manage

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See Alteryx in action

Explore trending topics and insights with our on-demand webinars, led by our team and partners.


Growing Business Insights with Analytics

Watch as our data experts drill down into the cannabis industry challenges and use Alteryx to analyze THC percentages, packaging, production, pricing decisions and more.


Elevate your Game with Analytics

Watch as we bring together data sources on NBA players and use Alteryx’s predictive and visualization capabilities to find insight that General Managers might be looking for.


Alteryx & Airlines: Discover the power of predictive Analytics

Get an advanced look at how Alteryx is being used at one of the fastest growing Canadian airports, and how other airports around the world have built a use case for Alteryx.

Delivering insights as an Alteryx Premier Partner through first-class support, technical expertise and a track record of excellence.

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