Behind every analytics transformation is a strategy. Let’s Create Yours.

The Newcomp team has the perfect mix of deep experience and development talent to help you tap into your data. From idea to delivery, every step in your roadmap needs a rock-solid strategic approach – and that’s what our team was built to do.

We think powerful analytics should be accessible to all, so we help by demystifying the processes and tools needed for you to become a data-driven organization – without breaking the bank.

Advisory Services

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Analytics Roadmaps

Developing a roadmap is essential to guide your analytics journey – don’t get lost. The most successful transformations are the ones with a clear vision– delivered by an experienced and qualified team. Newcomp’s team will listen carefully to your needs and goals, and design the right framework to get you there. With our practical plan in hand, together we work hard to find opportunities for analytics to create new value every step of the way.

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Analytics Health Checks

A healthy analytics environment is your tuned-up engine to handle both today’s challenges and tomorrow’s surprises. Newcomp’s data mechanics will bring you into our workshop as we review your environment from end to end, and apply best practices, modifications and performance boosts wherever possible.

Training & Mentoring

Newcomp can’t unlock the power of data alone. From official training courses to ad hoc mentoring, our education team was built to educate the broad community and design bespoke training paths and formats for your team. Stacked with multiple full-time instructors teaching in classrooms across Canada, Newcomp is set up to arm your team with cutting-edge knowledge.

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Analytics Bootcamps

The world of modern data and analytics evolves at light speed, and you need to stay on top of it – both for your personal career development and as a trusted voice in your group. These one-on-one sessions accelerate learning and break down the skills and tools for working with today’s vast data environment. We make it easy – our drill sergeants bring the tools and data to each session so you can focus on building your brain muscle power.

Licensing Advisory & Management

Managing your organizations’ licenses and renewals doesn’t have to fall on you – keeping track of keys and expiry dates makes us happy (we are unique people). We have ways to make this process easier by studying your licensing structure and making sure you are appropriately licensed and set up to adapt in the future. Renewal time can be a great opportunity for insight and adjustment, and we can help you get more from your software and subscription investment.

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Talent Acquisition

This is definitely an art. We have spent years understanding what qualities make a great analytics consultant. Newcomp’s success means a fast growth rate, so we have become masters at sourcing, hiring, and training our own top talent for all levels of roles within the company. That tribal knowledge is available for you too, where we lead the hunt for the right talent, then train them to take on your unique data obstacles.

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What We Bring


Cross-Industry Expertise

With global clients across all industries, we bring deep industry knowledge into every project we tackle. We’ve spent years understanding what tools and strategies create a sustained competitive advantage for our clients – and we weave that wisdom into every solution we design.


Client Focused

Our clients are at the forefront of everything we do. Together we innovate with data, finding creative and practical solutions to the challenges you face. Our clients are part of our team, and that’s why coaching, mentorship and training is at the very core of our practice. We help you build the knowledge and capabilities needed to continue to drive analytics in your organization – long after our work is done.


Agile Team

Made up of people with a passion for data, our team is what makes it all possible. From data scientists to scrum masters, our team is built to work smarter and faster to make your project come to life.


Proven Track Record of Excellence

Newcomp Analytics started as a small team looking to make a big impact in the field of analytics. 25 years later, we have grown into an award winning team of 80+ people that have led digital transformation first hand. Recognized by our partners and clients for our work, we continue to strive for analytics excellence in everything we do.


Flexible Service Models

We designed our service structures to meet our clients anywhere along the analytics maturity curve. Whether you need an analytics managed service, ad hoc support or a specific developer, we have you covered. Our services span the entire data pipeline, from theory to technical development – you decide when and where you need us.