Gain More Insight with BI and Data Visualization

Business intelligence and data visualization continue to be powerful ways to turn raw data into meaningful insights. Most critically, these insights allow your team to take profitable actions. BI is still an important part of an organization’s ability to manage performance. A modern BI platform should allow users to view historical results, understand drivers behind those results, and make recommendations to improve outcomes in the future.

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Problems We Solve

Optimize sales performance

Identify tactics that drive your team toward its sales goals, pivot quickly to adapt and grow your sales pipeline.

Gain customer insight

Better define and target your demographics, understand purchasing and interaction patterns.

Accelerate operations

Analyze on-time data, identify and resolve potential issues, Iterate and improve operations.

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Our Team: Who We Bring

Analytics architects

Modern data needs a strong architecture and design to support massive amounts of data and computing power. Newcomp architects know how to start small, and build for the future – from basic data acquisition to the most advanced interactive reports and dynamic dashboards.

BI Developers

These creators have a rare blend of creative and technical skill, refined to develop meaningful experiences for each of your user personas, whether they are line-of-business managers or C-suite executives.

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Your Team: Who We Work With

Department leaders

These teams feel the pain of limited insight or access to data. As our champions, they define the target, and help us validate results along the way.

Data integration teams

These groups have many names – Centres of Excellence, data provisioning, data warehousing, etc. We need to ensure that data flows from source to user unhindered, but ensure quality, completeness and accuracy to drive precise decision-making.

Our Technology Stack

Want to see BI & Data Visualization in action?

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Our Other Expertise