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Newcomp Analytics has partnered with DataRobot to help organizations quickly and easily automate the process for building, deploying, and maintaining AI and machine learning at scale.

Finding and retaining data scientists can be challenging when implementing AI and machine learning in an enterprise. With automated machine learning, your analytics team can easily build AI applications and maintain them over time.

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Putting DataRobot to Work

When new clients hesitate to try machine learning (ML) projects, they are almost always imagining ML before DataRobot entered the scene. Those repetitive, time-intensive manual steps requiring expensive data scientists, often resulting in unexplainable black box models that were difficult to promote from development into operational production. DataRobot brings AutoML to the masses, evaluating your requirements against hundreds of models and walking you through the feature engineering process. The result? Real models, in production, finely tuned and managed for accuracy.

Experience automated Machine learning

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DataRobot Platform

The DataRobot enterprise AI platform democratizes data science and automates the end-to-end process for building, deploying, and maintaining AI at scale.

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Explore trending topics and insights with our on-demand webinars, led by our team and partners.

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Deploying AI for Success on the Buy Side

See AI in action, and learn how asset managers are using AI and machine learning (ML) to build and successfully deploy predictive models with measurable business impact.

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Ten Keys to AI Success in 2020

Join this webinar to learn how industry leaders saved time and improved accuracy by using AI, resulting in reduced costs and increase overall ROI.

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Why Retail Organizations Are Now Embedding AI in Their DNA

Learn how best-in-class retailers are using AI and automated machine learning to better anticipate and predict their consumer’s evolving needs and habits.

Accelerating AI adoption across organizations as a DataRobot Partner.

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