Developing possibilities with data. Let’s Explore Yours.

The Newcomp team has the perfect mix of deep experience and development talent to help you tap into your data. We equip our clients with the right people, tools and strategy to innovate and lead with data.

In our 25+ years of award-winning service, Newcomp has perfected a methodology to unlock powerful insights to solve the challenges you face in your business. Let us get you moving.

Development Services

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Analytics Consulting

We have been able to successfully deploy analytics hundreds of times across Canada, the US and Caribbean (#blessed, we know). From getting a project off the ground to coaching top executives, Newcomp’s team members can be found at any level of a business. With you, we hunt for key drivers behind high performance and use the power of data to turn your raw information into a strategic asset.

Project Implementation

Newcomp’s incredible team is a roster of all-star developers and consultants with an impressive collection of experience, certifications and professional designations. By serving all industries and departments for many years, over time we created a vault of best practices for projects and applications in any context.

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Data Migration

Migrating data is an essential step in a project implementation, but it doesn’t have to be a disruptive one. Whether the transition is from a legacy storage solution or upgrading your current one, it’s important to have a plan in place to minimize the risks and costs. Our team of migration experts have handled hundreds of data migrations varying in complexity, so we know the steps to take to move your data safely and quickly to where it needs to go.

Software Upgrades

Keeping your analytics environment up to date can get tricky, especially when multiple technologies come into play. Newcomp Analytics provides support and maintenance services for seamless upgrades, helping you get the most from your software investment. Your team doesn’t have to skip a beat either with our custom training courses designed to teach new features and capabilities in the upgraded platform.

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Flexible to Fit your Organization

Consulting & Services Models


Hybrid Project

We will work with your team to implement your analytics project


Proof of Concept

Share some data or a business case, and we will prove the idea before big investments are made


Trusted Advisor

We teach clients to think like us, allowing them to build and grow their analytics deployment



Having access to our team across North America means more options and quick responses



We help clients get their new initiatives off the ground, from big programs to new tools



Prepaid bundles or on demand, our wide range of resources can support client environments in all ways