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Newcomp Analytics has partnered with Workday Adaptive Planning to help organizations quickly share insights and collaborate on the world’s first business planning cloud. Static planning with manual spreadsheets and processes create risk and take up valuable time. Workday Adaptive Planning gives you the speed to plan continuously, allowing you to integrate revenue and expense planning, use rolling forecasts, and analyze performance.

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Built for a changing world

The science of financial performance management has a proven formula. First you understand what happened, then analyze the root causes to identify why those results happened. Once you know the drivers behind past performance, you have to adjust your plan going forward. This final important step is where we see our Workday Adaptive Planning models consistently shine, closing the loop on the financial performance improvement cycle, allowing you to reallocate resources and forecast expected results into the future.

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Workday Adaptive Planning

Modernize your planning, modeling, budgeting, and forecasting to make better decisions, faster.

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Explore trending topics and insights with our on-demand webinars, led by our team and partners.

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How Forward-Thinking Finance Leaders Plan for Business Agility

Learn how finance leaders can–and must–play a role in digital transformation initiatives to improve agility and elevate the role of finance.

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Why Efficient Reporting is Vital to a Successful Annual Budget

Recent internal surveys conducted by Workday’s finance teams confirm that reporting and access to timely data are key “areas of focus” for improving the annual budgeting process.

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The A to Z Guide to Budgeting

Our panel of finance executives will share FP&A tips and tricks they’ve learned throughout their careers that will help ensure your success this budgeting season.

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