Become an Agile Organization with Financial Planning & Analytics

To run a business you need to view financial results, analyze root causes, then adjust your plans and resources. Excel is a powerful productivity tool – but not an enterprise planning platform. We map your complex budgeting and forecasting processes and develop automated, interactive models to guide these activities from top to bottom.

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What we do

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Automate and modernize the budgeting process with modern tools, where security and automation are applied to the financial and operational planning workflow.

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Develop simple models to allow users to contribute to driver-based, dynamic rolling forecasts, or leverage the built-in predictive capabilities to automate the generation of forecasts.

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Scenario modeling

Design templates for business users to easily and intuitively create what-if scenarios, adjust drivers and assumptions and craft multiple versions of plans and forecasts.

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Financial reporting

Develop real-time reports and dashboards that combine data from live planning models with rich, dynamic visualizations and interactive filters and controls.

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Build models to perform real-time consolidations across legal and business entities, reducing the “close, consolidate, report” cycle times at period end.

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Our FP&A specialists design, plan and build (or migrate existing) planning models to a modern cloud-based environment from start to finish.

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Problems We Solve

Financial period planning

Budget, forecast, report – the Office of Finance is continuously planning, and our models allow you to plan multiple scenarios in a secure interactive environment using dynamic driver-based models.

Operations planning

Planning isn’t just for Finance. We build models for HR, Supply Chain, Manufacturing; any department who needs to allocate people, equipment or other capital.

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Our Team: Who We Bring

Planning Architect

These senior designers craft your model, taking best practices and templates and tailoring them to fit your specific department, industry or function.

Model Developers

Building and testing these models needs precision, and our developers work directly with the users to validate the design – from layout to function.

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Your Team: Who We Work With

Planning Leaders

Usually in Finance or Corporate Planning, these are the people who administer the planning process. They manage budget/forecast approvals, rejections, analysis, access, business rules and timelines.

Planning analysts

These users work directly in the planning process, inputting numbers, changing variables and annotating variances. They are critical to our success because they validate requirements and test functionality.

Our Technology Stack

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