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Conventional data platforms and big data solutions struggle to deliver on their fundamental purpose: to enable any user to work with any data, without limits on scale, performance or flexibility. Snowflake is designed with a patented new architecture to be the centerpiece for data pipelines, data warehousing, data lakes, data application development, and for building data exchanges to easily and securely share governed data.

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There is a reason that “data warehouse” is often an unwelcome term in many offices. Historically, DW projects were plagued with issues – expensive specialized hardware & tuning requirements, inflexibility to change, difficult translation of business rules into technical specs… and the list goes on. The DW world thought Hadoop would solve many of those problems, but in reality it was more complex than most organizations hoped. That vacuum allowed Snowflake to be created. Newcomp needs Snowflake to develop the modern cloud data warehouse, allowing us to use simple, elastic computing power to build you a data mart and then confidently hand you the keys.

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Snowflake cloud data platform

Build and deploy innovative analytics solutions on top of a platform that can easily adapt to rapidly changing demands at any scale. Snowflake, you can deliver rapid insights without the complexity and headaches of traditional data warehouses.

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Explore trending topics and insights with our on-demand webinars, led by our team and partners.


Accelerate your analytics journey with Snowflake

Dive deeper into modern analytics architecture with one of Snowflake’s newest features, Data Exchange, and how high-performing companies are finding better ways to source external data and share internal, up-to-date data in a secure way.


Architecting Modern Data Applications

Learn how Snowflake provides builders and developers of data-driven applications a ready-made platform to build solutions that meet the demands of today’s organizations and their customers.


Reduce Analytic Processing Times by 99% with Snowflake’s Cloud Data Platform

Join Snowflake, World Fuels Services, and Tui Hotels and Resorts as they discuss strategies for data transformation within a modern cloud data platform.

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