Posted Oct 4, 2016



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Newcomp Analytics is proud to announce the IBM Analytics Community Events 2016 across Canada. Come join the event as we network and discuss various topics hosted by Cognos experts, local group members, and guest speakers on topics including:

  • Steps and considerations for upgrading to Cognos Analytics
    • Our product experts will guide you through what your organization can expect when upgrading to the latest version of Cognos Analytics (v11) and steps to make a seamless transition.
  • IBM Cognos Road Map
    • Find out what the future has in store for Cognos, and what’s expected in the upcoming releases.
  • Data Warehousing
    • Learn about IBM’s warehousing solutions as we explore different software technologies and platforms to accelerate the delivery of business analytics insights.

Join the conversation with industry professionals in your growing analytics community, with the opportunity to network, learn and participate in the latest IBM Business Analytics has to offer. Our product experts will be on site, ready to answer any questions that you and your team may have.

Register for this upcoming IBM Analytics Community Events 2016 in a city near you:

Halifax – October 5th, 2016
Vancouver – October 5th, 2016
St. John’s – October 13th, 2016
Winnipeg – October 19th, 2016

November dates to be announced

Join the Group and don’t miss another meeting!


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