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Why do companies choose to work with an IBM Business Partner?

Posted Jul 29, 2016

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When a company needs to make a change in their business processes, it’s easy to choose IBM as the preferred vendor for business analytics software. However, IBM Business Partners offer the specialized services you need to take your project one step further. Business Partners not only deliver a wide range of IBM products and services to their clients but here at Newcomp Analytics, we act as trusted advisors – guiding you through every phase of your project. From helping you choose the right tools to training your staff and maintaining your software, we are with you every step of the way. As a premier IBM business partner, we have implemented, configured and supported hundreds of projects through providing:

  • Software: We specialize in understanding business needs and identifying the right tools to help you achieve your business goals. From purchasing to renewals, Newcomp is your single point of contact for all your software needs.
  • Implementation: We bring our industry experts and best practices to implement your software solutions. Our services extend beyond once the project is finished, by offering ongoing support and training.
  • Training: Our internal training department offers IBM dedicated courses in various formats including in-class, online, self-paced, onsite, and even customized for your business objectives.
  • Support: We help protect your software investment by offering ongoing support, to maximize the effectiveness of your software.

As a Premier Business Partner, Newcomp Analytics delivers value through our unique approach to implementing software solutions and developing projects. Our team of experts, aggregating over 100 years of relevant experience, are committed to helping companies achieve their business goals. We provide the support and resources needed to open the door to reliable and real-time data, uncover critical business insights and transform business processes. We strive to create an experience for you and your team that will generate both business value and returns on investment.

Why choose Newcomp Analytics as your Business Solutions Partner?

  • Customer Relationships: Our strong relationships allow us to truly understand personal business needs, and provide solutions for our customer’s unique goals.
  • Service-Oriented: Our service-oriented approach allows us to consider all aspects of the project plan and provide the services you need to solve any problem.
  • Trusted Advisors: Our coaches have top-level product expertise and industry knowledge that will help you make better business decisions.
  • Local Resources: Our services, from consulting to training are available anywhere in Canada.
  • Proven Solutions: Our award-winning solutions have secured our ability to provide consistent results from one project to the next.
  • Certified and Recognized: Our team has completed IBM`s Professional Certification Program.


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