Posted Dec 20, 2023

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In 2018, a leading Canadian telecommunications company made a substantial investment in Alteryx, a powerful data analytics, and automation platform. Seeking support in maximizing the potential of their Alteryx implementation, the company partnered with Newcomp Solutions. Newcomp played a pivotal role in not only facilitating comprehensive training sessions but also in fostering a collaborative environment that empowered the internal teams to leverage Alteryx effectively. This case study explores the journey of this collaboration, highlighting the challenges faced by the company, the tailored solutions provided by Newcomp, and the ultimate benefits reaped by the client.

Client Challenges

The telecommunications company faced the challenge of integrating Alteryx into their business processes efficiently. Despite the substantial investment in the platform, there was a need for a structured enablement plan to ensure that the internal teams could harness the full potential of Alteryx. The lack of expertise and a clear roadmap hindered the seamless adoption of the tool across the organization.

Our Solution

Newcomp Analytics partnered with the telecommunications company to design and implement a comprehensive enablement plan. The plan encompassed various stages, including awareness sessions, focused training modules, and personalized support through office hours. Newcomp’s approach was hands-on, providing the company’s employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate Alteryx effectively. The custom training, conducted both on-site and at regional head offices, covered key aspects such as Core Concepts, Advanced Concepts, Predictive Concepts, Spatial Concepts, and Core Certification Preparation for Alteryx Designer.

Client Benefits

Through the collaborative enablement engagement with Newcomp, the telecommunications company achieved significant benefits. The internal teams not only gained proficiency in utilizing Alteryx but also developed into self-sufficient experts capable of managing education and internal efforts. Newcomp’s transition into an advisory role showcased the success of the enablement plan, as the company’s internal experts took charge of incorporating Alteryx into existing business processes.

The skills acquired through the enablement sessions enabled the company to seamlessly integrate Alteryx into their workflows. As a result, the telecommunications company now reaps the benefits of Analytics Process Automation offered by Alteryx, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their data analytics processes. The strategic collaboration between the telecommunications company and Newcomp stands as a testament to the success of a well-crafted enablement plan and the transformative impact it can have on an organization’s capabilities.

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