Posted Jun 22, 2022

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7 Great Examples of Data Science Application in 2022

Data science has proven to be useful for many people in the last few years. We can all agree that it has the potential to shape the world in the future, but it is clear that we have only scratched the surface of what we can achieve.

That’s not to say that data science applications right now aren’t exemplary. Different people in all kinds of industries are using data science these days in various ways. Continue reading for several examples that showcase how data science is being applied in 2022:

1) Fraud Detection

With the growth of internet sales and the digitalization of many industries, companies and stores are more susceptible to fraud than ever before. In 2022, many companies will employ data science to uncover patterns in transactions that are out of the ordinary. It’s also used to track suspicious claims, misleading information and more.

2) Targeted Marketing

Organizations in the digital age need to know who their customers are. With the use of data science, businesses can better understand their clientele and build personalized offerings. Businesses can use the information they gather to create more targeted marketing campaigns. They can even use data science to track consumer trends and meet customer demands.

3) E-commerce UX

The e-commerce industry is gaining more and more attention. As more people start buying products online, the industry continues to grow. Many companies will use data science to improve their user experience and create better e-commerce sites. They can also predict what kinds of products customers are likely to purchase and tailor their experiences accordingly.

4) Search Engine Info

Likewise, Google search engine optimization has grown tremendously in the last couple of years. And since people often use search engines to look up things like current news and desired products or services, companies use data science to better understand what people are interested in and provide them with the information they are searching for.

5) Healthcare Procedures

It’s important for doctors, healthcare specialists and medical researchers to find ways to improve the healthcare industry and make medical procedures more efficient. Healthcare companies are already working with data science to fine-tune their medical devices and services, make disease treatment safer, and offer effective patient care.

6) Visual Recognition

Data science is used to assess the value of images or videos. In 2022, this can be helpful to identify various trends and patterns, as well as predict and anticipate what will happen next. For instance, data science through image recognition can be used to help the government and organizations track things like cyber threats to the economy.

7) Speech Recognition

Speaking of images, another use of data science is to increase the accuracy of AI systems and software. In 2022, we will see a huge increase in how our software processes images and sound, which means the ability to quickly process massive amounts of data. This can be used to help people with disabilities in browsing or purchasing from the web.


Data science has revolutionized how we share information and communicate with one another to the point that we are even starting to see other AI systems develop. It will likely continue to be a major player in the business world for the foreseeable future.Looking for data science services? Newcomp Analytics helps organizations tap into their data with a mix of strategy and development expertise in data science, machine learning, and AI. Learn more now!

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