Data Modernization Game Plan


Data Modernization Game Plan

0.5 Days | $1475

A half-day to talk with a Newcomp expert about your highest priorities as you modernize your data platform. We compile specific guidance for you, including resources, ideas, inspiration and design patterns to accelerate your journey to modern analytics.

Pick a Category:

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» Data Integration » Microsoft Azure (Data Integration)
» Data Lakes & Warehousing » Microsoft Azure (Data Lake & Warehousing)
» BI » Microsoft Azure (Data Science)
» Data Prep » Microsoft Power BI
» Data Science » Microsoft Power Platform
» Cloud for Data Analytics » Databricks
» Skills for the Cloud » Tableau
» Alteryx
» Snowflake
» Datarobot
» Denodo
» IBM Cognos
» IBM Planning Analytics
» IBM Watson

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Data Modernization Game Plan
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