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Metrics Map Analytics Solution

In this solution, key targets and metrics from several disconnected, disparate data sets can now be displayed in a single view, executive dashboard. Monitor KPIs, generate reports, and make insightful decisions in a fraction of the time through standardized and automated report generation.

IBM empowers organizations to make smarter decisions through every stage, spanning every kind of industry. With a portfolio that covers the entire ecosystem of data, IBM provides analytics solutions that fuel digital transformation.

About the solution

Quickly collect and report key corporate-wide targets and metrics in interactive and drill-through reports and dashboards in a fraction of the time. The Metrics Map solution consists of a database, meta-data, and report templates that allow for quick KPI monitoring and reporting deployment. Information is extracted from various different business systems and displayed in an executive dashboard that allows for a quick review of your company’s strategic metrics and target components.  No additional modeling or report development is required when adding metric data to the metrics database. The solution is template-based and allows for ease of use and low maintenance when adding metrics and business rules. Once metric data is entered into a database the information automatically flows through and appears on executive dashboards.

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Explore the Metric Map Analytics Solution

Built-in capabilities allow for quick deployment of KPI monitoring and reporting without the need to model or develop reports. Using the best of breed IBM Business Analytics tools, the Metrics Map solution is easy-to-use, deploy and maintain and will increase productivity and insights into your organization’s metrics.

One view for all your data

Get a single view of corporate wide targets and metrics.

KPI Monitoring

Database, meta-data and report templates allow for quick deployment of KPI monitoring and report generation from various disparate business systems.

Executive Dashboard

KPI monitoring in an executive dashboard format.

Template Solution

Template solution design that reduces time in reporting (e.g. metric data that is added to the database will automatically show up on executive dashboard without any additional model or report development).

Built-in capabilities

Built-in capabilities: no additional modeling or report development required.

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