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Rethink Data Governance with IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog


Sep 21, 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm


AST – Live Webinar

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Data is the new fuel for modern businesses, taking the world into a new era of cloud, mobility, and digitalization. But before you begin your journey, establishing data governance is essential. As many have observed, you need to understand the content and quality of your data sources and adapt accordingly to what you find.

This involves breaking down the silos within the businesses, facilitating access to the data by users while ensuring its quality, integrity, and traceability. These aspects become all the more important for companies seeking to do any of the following:

» Utilize cloud-based applications

» Share data within ecosystems made up of suppliers and business partners

» Perform advanced analysis based on AI and machine learning

» Ensure data privacy

» Comply with regulatory constraints

So, what do organizations need to put in place to meet these challenges? How can you establish a dynamic of data-driven innovation throughout your business to push you forward? Join Newcomp & IBM in this webinar on September 21st to learn more.

What you’ll learn:

Understand Data Governance challenges in today's world

Introduction to IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog

Case Studies and Live Demonstration

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Meet Our Presenters

Filip Draskovic, IA Domain Expert – Canada
IBM Canada

Samvit Roy, Client Technical Specialist
IBM Canada

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Nabeel Nazeer, Senior Account Manager
Newcomp Analytics

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