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Machine Learning Bootcamp Blitz


Aug 25, 2020


2:00 pm - 2:30 pm


EDT – Live Webinar

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Experience Machine Learning with Alteryx!

Looking to apply different kinds of regression analysis, neural networks, decision trees, time series modeling, or more? We’ve got you covered.

Newcomp has designed 2 exclusive Alteryx Machine Learning Bootcamps (3 & 5 half-days) to teach you how to use the many predictive tools available in Alteryx.

In this live webinar, we’re going to be previewing some of our official bootcamp content and showcase a few of the predictive tools we cover in our full machine learning bootcamps. You will get a chance to experience what the full bootcamps entail and see a high-level overview of the course. You will also get a glimpse at the completed workflows and see first hand how Alteryx makes predictive analytics and applying machine learning more accessible and agile for everyone.

Whether you want to learn more about Alteryx machine learning, the predictive tools available in the platform or have any questions on our official Alteryx Machine Learning Bootcamps (3 & 5 half-days) this webinar is for you!

What You’ll Learn

Introduction to Machine Learning

Overview of the ML development process and data preparation

Data Preparation

How to prepare your data for predictive models

Alteryx Predictive Suite

An overview of the Alteryx Predictive Suite

Alteryx Intelligence Suite Add-On

Explore the new Intelligence Suite which includes Text Mining and Automated Machine Learning

Save Your Spot

Meet Our Alteryx Ace

Kathleen Songin, Data Analytics Lead

Newcomp Analytics

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