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Introducing Tableau Data Management


Sep 10, 2020


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


EDT – Live Webinar

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Gain Visibility, Trust and Governance in Your Data with Modern Self-Service Analytics!

As modern analytics is becoming a reality for many organizations, IT departments are facing challenges of curating, managing, and promoting the right data, while business users are questioning the relevance of their analysis. Data Management is becoming an important factor for many organizations as the amount of data is increasing and the reliance on them is becoming necessary. In this era of modern analytics, organizations need to balance governance with visibility and overall security in their data flows and this is why Tableau has created the Tableau Data Management Add-On!

In this live webinar, we are going to be showing an overview of Tableau Data Management and how users can make their data more reliable for business decisions. Our data wiz will showcase the 4 key features of Tableau Data Management: visibility, governance  & trust, discoverability & scalability. We will also show some use cases of different organizations using this solution and what steps you can take to integrate it into your analytics strategy.

Whether you want to learn more about Tableau Data Management, the key features, or want to know how to get started,  this webinar is for you!

What You’ll Learn


How to increase visibility and control to have reliable data for decision-making

Governance & Trust

How to build governance and trust within your data by scheduling and adminstering your data flows


How to make your data available to all users for the correct analysis they require


How to manage data at scale with processes and key metrics offered by the Tableau Data Management Add-On

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Meet Our Tableau Wiz

Kathleen Songin, Data Analytics Lead

Newcomp Analytics

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