Increase Connectivity with Open Source Analytics

Newcomp advocates hard for practical and accessible data science, and open source development is how we can get started with clients of any size. Using tools, libraries and frameworks developed and supported by the vast software community, combined with the power of the cloud, we can do some amazing things together.

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Problems We Solve


We build pipelines to power the modern economy for data, acquiring data from complex sources and delivering to any destination.

Data science

Open source tools make machine learning accessible to all – from small retailers to Fortune 100 and everyone in between. Start here with your data science pilot or proof-of-concept.


The open source community develops powerful libraries, tools and abstractions to accelerate advanced analytics development. We take off-the-shelf tools and supercharge them with open source extensions.

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Our Team: Who We Bring

Data science developers

Our team of developers were the kinds of kids that took apart electronics just to see how they worked. Now they use public libraries, languages and APIs to build powerful data applications embedded with ML and AI.

Data engineers

Data lives everywhere now, and our engineers are trained to capture it. They build pipelines to ingest third party, web, unstructured and machine data, then store, refine, organize and deliver it to consumers.

Software developers

The Venn diagram of data science intersects domain knowledge, mathematics and computer science. Deploying meaningful models to production requires strong software development, and our team builds your solution using the most modern code management platforms.

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Your Team: Who We Work With

Data science team

In the cases where our clients have data science teams, we aim to augment and enhance the team by bringing outside experience and blueprints to accelerate your program.

Line-of business leaders

These teams feel the pain of limited insight or access to data. As our champions, they define the target, and help us validate results as we refine the models along the way.

Our Technology Stack

Want to see Open Source Analytics in action?

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Our Other Expertise