Deliver Trusted Data with Data Management & Governance

With data being gathered from every available source, you need a way to organize and govern the supply chain for your information assets. Governance is not about restriction or control – it allows information to be efficiently acquired and safely discovered in a self-serve environment by whoever needs it.

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Problems We Solve

Data architecture

We build systems to manage the lifecycle of data, from ingestion to dashboard.

Data quality

Some data doesn’t need to be perfect, but sometimes it does – our models measure and track the quality of data including completeness, accuracy and consistency.


Are you building a data lake or will it end up as a swamp? Cataloging data is critical, including the tracing of lineage and the creation of data stewardship roles and processes to manage information assets.

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Our Team: Who We Bring

Analytics architects

Modern data needs a strong architecture to support massive amounts of data and computing power. Newcomp architects know how to start small, and build for the future – without their governance design, the most beautiful data warehouse will collapse under the weight of confusion and disorganization.

Cloud solution engineers

These governance platforms require technical expertise to build useful catalogs, processes and secure environments.

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Your Team: Who We Work With

Data Integration

Data is always moving through your company, and these teams are typically responsible for managing the flow. Often we work with this team to manage data acquisition, then our team augments existing architecture with analytics-specific pipelines.

Data Governance

Some of our clients have existing stewardship roles – data stewards, custodians etc. Some do not, and that is perfectly fine – the process is likely happening already, just unofficially and in silos, and we know how to unlock that tribal knowledge around data.

Our Technology Stack

Want to see Data Management & Governance in action?

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Our Other Expertise