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Customer 360 Analytics Solution

In this solution, gain a 360 view of your customer and gain insight into your business. With a combined use of predictive, performance and business analytics, you’ll be able to gain a 360 view of your customer and make real-time decisions.

IBM empowers organizations to make smarter decisions through every stage, spanning every kind of industry. With a portfolio that covers the entire ecosystem of data, IBM provides analytics solutions that fuel digital transformation.

About the solution

This solution allows for representatives within the organization to understand the customer’s needs in one place. They can track, target, and improve Accounts Receivables collections, product offerings, and up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.  The solution enables users to predict which customers are likely to be high-risk of causing debt, what method of communication (email, phone, etc.) will they likely respond to, which products or solutions will most likely be of interest to them, what marketing strategy will produce positive results, etc. The solution allows representatives to make these decisions and update the 360-view in real-time while on calls with customers thereby optimizing the customer management process.

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Explore the Customer 360 Analytics Solution

Leveraging IBM analytics tools, in one place, to optimize the customer experience. Making limited or unavailable data accessible to the business user allows for real-time decision-making and overall positive results to the organization.

Segment Customer Information

Segment Customer Information System accounts for various targeted business use scenarios.

Combine Data from Multiple Sources

Combines up-to-date information from multiple data sources from different platforms.

Display Relevant Data

Ability to display important and relevant data to each unit/user within the business.

Drill Down Capabilities

Management data views with ability to drill down to the lowest level detail.

Gain Insights

Gain insight to at-risk customers and proactively plan for positive outcomes.

Update Info in Real-Time

Gain a 360 view of your customer with ability to update or add information in real-time.

Single Page Overview

Single page overview of all pertinent business user information to facilitate informed decision making.

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