Posted Oct 21, 2019

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Before investing significant resources on any data or analytics project, it is important to fully understand the current state of technology, data, people and processes within an organization. Creating a data and analytics strategy can help organizations better leverage their resources. Once the data strategy is defined, an analytics roadmap takes the data strategy and translates it into a plan of action, considering the day-to-day activities that need to occur in order to bring the strategy to completion. It is intended to be a high-level plan discussing goals, objectives, resource requirements, technology changes and process improvement initiatives.

Successful transformations are the result of a well-designed plan delivered by an experienced and qualified team. To craft that plan, you should capture and define both the current state of your analytics environment and the target state – including your strategic vision and goals. An analytics roadmap is the outcome of this mapping exercise between current and target states, clearly establishing the activities that need to be done to get there.

From structured and unstructured data sources to self-service visualizations and predictive models, your analytics advisor should provide insight into how technology can help create measurable value in your organization.

Successful transformations are the result of a well-designed plan delivered by an experienced and qualified team. Share on X

When Newcomp is advising our clients, we seek to optimize user experience and ensure ease of administrative maintenance. Our teams work with clients from start to finish on each analytics project, and deliver carefully written operations documents to help facilitate the transition period as well as create awareness for the new analytical and data science solutions. A good advisor should also provide coaching to users to ensure they understand and have mastered the full functionality of the tools they have acquired. At that point, it is easy for users to understand how these tools help the organization and allows them to plan for continued/further analytics success.

Looking to get started on your own analytics strategy? Reach out to us and we can help guide you from wherever you are in your analytics journey.

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