Posted Feb 17, 2017

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Higher Education Analytics Community

About Our Community

The Higher Education Analytics Community was founded in 2014 when Wilfrid Laurier University, University of Waterloo, Conestoga College, IBM, and Newcomp Inc. joined in partnership through Ontario’s Productivity and Innovation Fund.

The goal of the community was to support the advancement of the post-secondary education sector in Ontario and has now expanded to all of Canada, by developing expert capability in analytics using IBM analytics and business intelligence tools. It is a platform for sharing information on analytics, IBM analytics tools and data management for professionals in post-secondary education.

Join Our Community

Professional employees in post-secondary education are welcome to join our community by registering here with a valid College or University email address. There are no membership fees and members will have access to resources and events, meetings and webinars that continue to grow and shape the community.

Upcoming Events


We are excited to have a member of the share their experiences about how a College Research specialist leveraged IBM’s SPSS for a project focused on course metrics, scheduling, and delivery types.

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