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ALT10G – Alteryx Designer – Core Concepts

This course teaches students the building blocks required to complete more complex analytical tasks with Alteryx Designer. Students will gain a thorough understanding of important concepts that will enable them to prepare, parse, blend, transform and analyze data from disparate sources and output their results.

  • In-class
  • Instructor Led Online

ALT20G – Alteryx Designer – Advanced Training

This course is designed to teach students the skills they need to easily and quickly cut down their development time, along with topics such as data connections, macros, analytical apps, and optimizing workflows. Students will learn how to manipulate data structures and learn the best practices within Alteryx along with variety of ways to parse data, understand the difference between the 3 main macro types, and how to configure macros.

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ALT30G – Alteryx Designer – Predictive Concepts

This course is designed to teach students how to utilize Alteryx to perform predictive analytics. Concepts covered in this course include: MTime series, regression, predictive grouping, and how to create an R Macro in Alteryx.

  • In-class
  • Instructor Led Online