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This course provides in-depth coverage of Tableau Server architecture and configuration. The knowledge and skills acquired are best geared toward those architecting and administering a large or complex deployment of Tableau Server, or a consultant who will be involved in many deployments of Tableau Server.

Course Length: 3 day(s)

Course Price: $2085 CAD

Available Course Formats:

  • In-class
  • Instructor Led Online

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Course: TABS06G – Tableau Server Architecture

  • Tableau Server Overview
    • Tableau Product Line
    • End-User Abilities
  • Tableau Server Architecture
    • Component Functions
    • Server Diagrams
    • Terminology
    • Server Scalability
    • Server Component Performance Characteristics
  • Single Server Installation
    • Technical Specifications
    • Tableau Server Installation Checklist
    • Configuration Options
    • Resolutions for Common Installation Issues
    • Installing Tableau Server Software
  • Automating Server Tasks
    • Automating and Programming Server Tasks
    • Tabadmin and Tabcmd
    • Restoring a Backup
    • Exporting Configuration Settings
    • Customizing VizQL Query Limit
  • Monitoring Server
    • Viewing Server Status
    • Admin Alerts
    • Admin Views
    • Licensing Information
    • Performance Recording
  • Upgrading Tableau Server
    • Preparing to Upgrade
    • Upgrading to New Hardware
  • Scalability and Distributed Installations
    • Single-Node Default Architecture
    • Server Scalability and Number of Processes
    • Single-Node Example for Extracts
    • Distributed Installations for Extracts and Viewing
  • High Availability
    • High Availability Terminology
    • Three-Node Failover Quorum
    • Repository Failover
    • File Store Extract Storage and Replication
    • Creating a Backup Primary
    • Adding an External Load Balancer
    • Configuring for Redundancy - Three-Node
  • Architecture
    • Configuring a Backup Primary
    • Failing Over to a Backup Primary
    • Failing a Worker Server
    • Setting a Preferred Repository
    • Manually Failing Over a Repository
    • Decommissioning a File Store
  • Process Flows and Performance
    • Process Flow: Repository Failover
    • Process Flow: Publishing an Extract
    • Process Flow: File Store Decommissioning
    • Process Flow: Backup
    • Cache Server
    • Process Flow: View Query Caching
    • Search and Browse
  • Log Files Administration
    • Overview of Log Files
    • Archiving Log Files
    • Running Ziplogs and Cleanup
    • Archiving Log Files with a Snapshot
    • Using Server Logs
  • SSO Authentication and Embedding
    • Configuring for Kerberos
    • Configuring for SAML
    • Embedding a View
    • Trusted Authentication
  • JavaScript and Extract APIs
    • Using the JavaScript API
    • Data Extract API


This course is designed for those architecting and administering a large or complex deployment of Tableau server.


  • Knowledge of your business requirements
  • Experience using basic Windows functionality
  • Experience using a Web browser

3 days in-person, or 5 days virtual

Instructor Led In Classroom (3 days)

Newcomp can directly deliver courses through the use of in-class training facilities.

Currently,  in-class courses are offered in Markham, Ottawa, Vancouver, Halifax, and Edmonton. Please note that classes can be added to new areas based on demand.

Instructor Led Online (5 days)

Students receive the same quality as an in-class course, with a live instructor and the ability to participate in hands-on labs through real-life examples

ILOs help cut costs by reducing time and travel as they can be taken from home or the office and require only the use of a computer, high-speed wired internet and a headset.