3 Ways to Upgrade Your Career This Summer

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Summer is the perfect time to spend some time on your career and on upgrading your skills. With work slowing down, take advantage of the extra hours of downtime and stay up-to-speed in Analytics. Here are a few things that can help you get started:

Get trained this summer by taking advantage of the Canada Job Grant. This program is designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, in all industries and regions. Newcomp Analytics, as an authorized training provider, can help you take advantage of this incredible opportunity!

Check out this link for more information and learn how you can get ahead with Analytics Training!

Interested in learning more about our course offerings? Check out our website or contact us at training@newcomp.com and we can get you started! 

Elevate Your Game with Analytics: Alteryx Summer Series
To kick off the series, our data scientist has found a number of data sources on NBA players that shows information on everything from salaries to player statistics, to Twitter data. Watch as we bring this data together using Alteryx and use predictive and visualization capabilities to find insight that General Managers might be looking for.

Supply Chain Intelligence Using Modern Analytics
To effectively manage the flow of goods, Supply Chain Management (SCM) must master procurement, operations and logistics. This means an incredible amount of data is generated and gathered, all of which has analytical value to optimize and automate intelligence across the company. Today’s leading SCM groups are pushing the boundaries of analytics, driving automation and bringing together data from more places than ever before. Learn how a modern SCM department can use analytics to discover hidden value, identify inefficiencies and effectively optimize the environment for the movement of goods and services in and out of your company. 

Whether you are currently leading a department or just joining the workforce, it is important to keep up with the buzz in analytics! This is your chance to set the vision and differentiate yourself. Analytics Bootcamps are designed to help you answer the challenging questions caused by Modern Analytics:

  • “How will AI affect our operations?”
  • “Will we use machine learning to automate business functions?”
  • “Should we hire data scientists or use a data lake?”
  • “How do we make critical data accessible to all employees?”

Canada’s most successful corporations, governments and organizations turn to Newcomp Analytics for an insider’s view of modern data and analytics. Let us help you weave through the noise and learn the business context of true AI, data science, machine learning and data management from our own field practice leaders. We will arm you with the knowledge and foundation that you need to navigate today’s modern analytics architecture and prepare you for your role in an evolving business environment.

Now that you have seen the ways you can upgrade your skills this summer, Newcomp can help you get started. Whether its about Canada’s job grant, webinars or analytics bootcamps, we are happy to help! Contact us at info@newcomp.com about all things analytics.


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