Tableau Licensing Updates: The Right Capabilities to the Right Users at the Right Price

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Tableau has changed their subscription offerings to make it easier for more people to see and understand data, by delivering the right capabilities to the right users at the right price. Their new offerings deliver more value than ever before for the analyst and power user, adding the new Tableau Prep, as well as access to Tableau Online or Tableau Server to Tableau Desktop.

Now customers buying Creator have more power than ever with Tableau Prep, Desktop and Server/Online, all for $70 per month. Tableau has also created a new offering for the more casual user, who is looking to make data-driven decisions with data, but will not be doing deep analysis or creating their own content. The Tableau Viewer is ideal for larger deployments and allows customers to interact with existing content, set subscriptions for dashboards they rely on, and receive data-driven alerts to ensure they are staying on top of key data points. These offerings help organizations broadly deploy analytics across their organization in a cost-effective way.

Analytics are becoming a requirement for every organization, and companies are wanting to deploy analytics more broadly and more quickly than ever before. Tableau is focused on helping people see and understand data. Tableau’s new offerings are tailored to meet the needs of different users, making Tableau more accessible to everyone, regardless of their specific needs or skill sets. Tableau’s new offerings allow customers to empower everyone – from the individual analyst to all users in organizations. The offerings are tailored to meet the unique needs of all types of users, so customers can now choose the most appropriate and cost-effective way to enable people to work with data. Tableaus’ offerings make it easy to start and scale, and include access to an end-to-end platform, with no hidden costs.

For users looking to take advantage of these capabilities, please see the FAQ on the next page.


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