Tableau Server

Tableau Server allows organizations to explore their data in a trusted environment whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud. Tableau allows users to work with popular data sources and centrally manage all of their metadata and security rules.


Extend the value of your data across your entire organization with Tableau Server. Empower your business with the freedom to explore data in a trusted environment—without limiting them to pre-defined questions, wizards, or chart types. Have the peace of mind that both your data and your analytics are governed, secure, and accurate. IT organizations love Tableau for it’s ease of deployment, robust integration, simplicity of scalability, and excellent reliability. You no longer have to choose between empowering the business or protecting your data – with Tableau you can finally do both.

Tableau Server Features

Whether on-premise or in the cloud you can publish and share your data sources for everyone to use. Work with popular enterprise data sources like Cloudera Hadoop, Oracle, AWS Redshift, cubes, Teradata, Microsoft SQL Server, and more.

Centrally manage all of your metadata and security rules.

Whether you use Active Directory, Kerberos, OAuth, or another standard—Tableau seamlessly integrates with your existing security protocols.

Whether you’re keeping your data on-premise or in the cloud, Tableau Server gives you the flexibility to integrate into your existing data infrastructure.

The Tableau platform is easy to deploy, scale, and monitor. Easily track and manage content, users, licenses, and performance.

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