IBM Cognos Analytics

The all-new IBM Cognos Analytics is driven by artificial intelligence to uncover hidden insights with personalized analytics experience. Its easy-to-use, guided exploration with AI assistance allows your organization to work faster and reveal patterns on any budget. Take advantage of new features such as data preparation, smart data discovery, automated data visualization, collaboration, and AI assistant.


IBM Cognos Analytics is a smarter self-service that guides you in generating insights from data for impressive and effective presentation. With experience in delivering mission-critical analytics, Cognos Analytics helps you meet all your organization’s needs in one integrated solution, available on-premises or the cloud.


The guided self-service approach anticipates user intent, makes recommendations and automates the analytics process to quickly and independently get results, while offering the scalability, governance, security, and performance demanded by organizations today.

IBM Cognos Analytics Features

With the built-in intelligence, shape your data and leverage system recommendations to blend and combine data from various sources all within the tool.

Reveal hidden patterns to discover new insights and true business drivers. Explore relationships and patterns in your data that you didn’t even know existed. Uncover your findings in language you and your team can understand.

Present your data and get additional insights by creating your own visualizations or use those recommended by IBM Cognos Analytics. With an interactive and intuitive web experience, you can personalize content and create dashboards from anywhere, anytime on desktop or mobile device.

IBM Cognos Analytics also allows you to collaborate across teams, organizations, and ecosystems to amplify the value. Integrate and share your outputs via Slack for convenience and quick collaboration.

Analyze faster with AI and machine learning. IBM Cognos Analytics is a system that connects people, their ideas and insights, to improve business processes and increase collective intelligence. Learn to leverage the AI assistant to ask questions about your data and receive easy-to-understand responses. Start harnessing all the available data and assets in the system to provide deeper insights.

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