Alteryx Connect

Alteryx Connect changes how analysts discover, prioritize, and analyze all relevant information in their organization. It is the beginning of a thrilling analytic experience that combines the power of data cataloging with human insight, and empowers analysts to quickly and easily find, manage, understand, and collaborate on the information that resides in their organization.


Now, analysts can accelerate the end-to-end analytic process to dramatically improve analytic productivity and information governance, thus generating better business decisions for all.

Alteryx Connect Features

Use powerful search capabilities to find and reuse information contained in analytic apps, workflows, macros, visualizations, dashboards, data science models, and more.

Direct everyone in your organization to a common place to find, share, and collaborate on data, and minimize duplication of effort.

Provide insight into data lineage and how information is being used to improve the overall quality and reliability of information being shared throughout the organization.

Utilize Alteryx Connect as an add-on to Alteryx Server to fully realize the potential of self-service analytics and leverage data to drive a competitive advantage.

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