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The modern data environment is evolving quickly, and with that comes a flood of data and the challenge of recognizing trends and patterns. Tableau is a platform designed to do just that – make it easy to see and understand your data. It’s important to stay up-to-date and learn Tableau.

We want to make sure you are using the most powerful features within Tableau, so we built training paths that are customized for a wide range of user roles. Whether you are using Tableau to explore a data set for the very first time or you dream of being a Tableau Zen Master, we are here to guide you on your journey.

Become a Pro, Learn Tableau!

Learn Tableau with Newcomp Analytics

Our current training offerings are listed below for you to learn Tableau. These courses can be delivered on-site, in-class at our locations across Canada, in an instructor-led online format, or as e-learning training: 

  1.    Tableau Desktop I: Fundamentals
  2.    Tableau Desktop II: Intermediate
  3.    Tableau Desktop III: Advanced
  4.    Tableau Desktop I & II: Accelerated
  5.    Tableau Server Administration
  6.    Tableau Server Architecture

If the courses above or the formats offered do not fit your organization’s current training needs, please feel free to reach out to our training team at training@newcomp.com, and we will help create a customized training path that does.

For any specific questions, feel free to reach out to Newcomp’s Training Manager, Anamika Savani, at 647-296-7443 or asavani@newcomp.com.


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