Executive Analytics Bootcamp

You are currently leading a department or division and all eyes are on you! This is your chance to set the vision and execute. But very soon, everyone will have questions for the leader, and you need to be ready with a solid answer:


“How will AI affect our operations?”

“Will we use machine learning to automate business functions?”

“Should we hire data scientists or use a data lake?”

“How do we make critical data accessible to all employees?”


Canada’s most successful corporations, governments and organizations turn to Newcomp Analytics for an insider’s view of modern data and analytics. Let us help you weave through the noise and learn the business context of true AI, data science, machine learning and data management from our own field practice leaders. We will arm you with the knowledge and foundation that you need to navigate today’s modern analytics architecture and prepare you for your role in an evolving business environment.

Topics Covered:

· Technology landscape and market trends
· Modern architecture for data and analytics
· Understanding AI, data science, APIs, data lakes, machine learning and more
· Visual walk-through of specific environments
Time commitment:
3 hours
Training Formats:
 Private On-Site Session at Your Location (1-10 attendees)
 Public Off-Site Session at Newcomp Analytics’ Office

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