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Alteryx For The Office of Finance: Workflow Walkthrough


June 14


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


EDT – Live Webinar

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Learn Analytic Workflows to Monitor Finance KPIs

Management reporting helps leaders see what’s driving their business. This includes key performance indicators (KPIs), which offer executives insight into the far corners of the business in order to help them make strategic decisions.
Unless they receive high-level reports updated regularly, execs can miss insights for growing the business or preventing costly mistakes. But it’s not always easy to consolidate and harmonize data from different business segments and locations.
In this webinar, you’ll get the chance to follow along as we build out a workflow that monitors financial performance and sets parameters to respond to changes in expected activity. You’ll see how easy it is to present financial KPIs by connecting to data sources, preparing data, and applying advanced analytics automatically for faster reports. See how finance teams around the world use Alteryx to gain more meaningful insights without the restrictions and limitations imposed by spreadsheets.
Afterwards, you can download the workflow, along with the data, and try it for yourself!
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What You’ll Learn


Prep and Blend

Access account lists, monthly transactions, and working files from departments.

Data Connection

Automate data cleansing and formatting, as well as adding columns to enrich the data.

Advanced Analytics

Export exceptions and automatically calculate Year to Date and Year over Year, then export that to power robust dashboards.

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TIME: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

Meet Our Alteryx Wiz

Jordan Eckersley

Lead, Data Solution Engineering

Newcomp Analytics

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Alteryx helps financial professionals reduce the time and effort spent collecting data, cleaning data and generating various reports. Alteryx allows users to alter the focus from a spreadsheet-driven, manual process to real-time and collaborative analysis plus predictive modeling capabilities.