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This module teaches students the fundamentals of Report Studio: a powerful web-based tool in Cognos BI v10.2.2 designed for professional report authors who need a higher level of control over the functionality and formatting of their reports.

Focusing on relationally-modeled data, students will be introduced to Lists, Crosstabs and Charts as well as interactive features such as prompts and report-to-report drill through. During the course, students will also learn how to add advanced formatting to the objects in their reports and apply conditional styles and rendering.

Course Length: 2 day(s)

Course Price: $1400 CAD

Available Course Formats:

  • In-class
  • Instructor Led Online

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Course: N0RSF – Cognos Report Studio Fundamentals

  1. Report Studio
    • What is Report Studio?
    • Report Studio Layout
  2. Building a List Report
    • Adding Items to the Report
    • Grouping and Group Spans
    • Adding a Summary Calculation
    • Formatting Items in the Report
    • Adding a Title to the Report
    • Saving and Running the Report
  3. Filtering a List Report
    • Adding a Subject to the Report
    • Removing a Column
    • Adding Additional Data Items to the Report
    • Sorting the List
    • Modify the Expression of a Data Item
    • Adding List Headers and Footers
    • Filtering the Report
  4. Prompting a Report
    • Turn on Auto Summary for Groups
    • Rename a Column Header
    • Copy Formatting Using the Eyedropper Tool
    • Creating a Prompt Page
    • Using a Layout Calculation
    • Set the Number of Rows per Page
    • Simple Page Breaks
  5. Simple Crosstabs
    • Building a Simple Crosstab
    • Format Measures in a Crosstab
    • Swap Rows and Columns
  6. Creating Advanced Crosstabs
    • Nesting Items in a Crosstab
    • Stacking Items in a Crosstab
    • Creating an Asymmetric Crosstab
  7. Additional List Features
    • Using Tables for Layout
    • Pivoting a List to a Crosstab
    • Creating Sections
    • Changing the Summary Label
    • Handling No Data
  8. Add Calculations to Reports
    • Cascading Prompts
    • Adding a Search Prompt
    • Adding a Calculation
    • Applying Conditional Styles
    • Sharing Layout Components
  9. Add Charts to Reports
    • Sharing a Query betweenReport Objects
    • Setting Chart Properties
    • Adding Pages to a Report
  10. Additional Chart Properties
    • Include a Calculation in a Chart
    • Additional Formatting Options
    • Add Chart Trendlines & Baselines
    • Conditionally Format a Chart
    • Apply Table Styles
  11. Additional Formatting Options
    • Apply Conditional Formatting
    • Apply Conditional Rendering
    • Unlocking Report Objects
  12. Drill Through Reports
    • Drill Through Report to Report
    • Microcharts
  13. Dashboards
    • Creating a Dashboard
    • Alternating Row Colours


This course is intended for professional report authors.


  • Knowledge of their business requirements
  • Experience using basic Windows and Web functionality
  • Experience using a Web browser

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