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This course is designed to introduce the student to the capabilities of IBM Big SQL. IBM Big SQL allows you to access your HDFS data by providing a logical view to it. You can use the same SQL that was developed for your data warehouse data on your HDFS data.

This course provides context on why students would use Big SQL followed by how to use Big SQL to access your data. It also covers what Big SQL is, how it is used, and the Big SQL architecture. The course also covers how to connect to Big SQL, create tables with a variety of data types, load data in, and run queries against the data. The course also shows how to use Big SQL with other components of the Hadoop ecosystem.

Course Length: 0.75 day(s)

Course Price: $880 CAD

Available Course Formats:

  • In-class
  • Instructor Led Online
  • Self-Paced Virtual Classroom

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Course: DW634G – IBM Big SQL for Developers (v5.0)

Course Outline:

1: Using Big SQL to access data residing in the HDFS
- Overview of Big SQL
- Understand how Big SQL fits in the Hadoop architecture
- Working with Big SQL using Ambari and command line
- Connect to Big SQL using IBM Data Server Manager

2: Creating Big SQL schemas and tables
- Describe and create Big SQL schemas and tables
- Describe and list the Big SQL data types
- Work with various Big SQL DDLs
- Load data into Big SQL tables using best practices

3: Querying Big SQL tables
- Describe Big SQL supported file formats
- Query Big SQL tables using various DMLs

4: Querying data in HBase tables using Big SQL
- Describe the basic functions of HBase
- Issue basic HBase commands
- Use Big SQL to create and query HBase tables
- Map HBase columns to Big SQL

5: Analyzing data managed by Big SQL using Apache Spark
- Describe the purpose and role of Spark
- Query data managed by Big SQL using Spark

6: Using Big SQL with various data types and tables
- Querying complex JSON with Big SQL
- Working with Hive ACID tables in Big SQL


- Administrators, Developers


- Basic Linux knowledge
- Basic SQL knowledge
- Working knowledge with big data and Hadoop technologies

Instructor Led In Classroom
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Instructor Led Online
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Self Paced
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