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This course teaches students higher-level Alteryx abilities and builds on the ALT10G – Alteryx Designer – Core Concepts course. Students will learn more advanced preparation, blending and parsing techniques. Other areas explored include; spatial analytics for creating points, lines and polygons, creating reports for consumption, macros and applications to minimize workflow dependencies, and an introduction to the Alteryx Gallery.

This course provides students with the skills required to prepare for the Alteryx Designer Advanced Certification Exam.

Course Length: 1 day(s)

Course Price: $700 CAD

Available Course Formats:

  • In-class
  • Instructor Led Online

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Course: ALT20G – Alteryx Designer – Advanced Concepts

Course Outline:

  • Understand Alteryx Designer terminology
  • Easily navigate the Alteryx Designer Interface
  • Become familiar with Designer User and Workflow Settings
  • Be able to share and save workflows
  • Advanced Preparation
    • Filtering and cleaning "messy data"
    • Utilizing formulas to reference multiple rows and fields
    • Binning data into respective groups
    • Creating sample sets to prepare data for predictive analytics
  • Blending and Parsing
    • Advanced Union and Join practices
    • Appending and replacing fields
    • Fuzzy matching to identify non-identical duplicates
    • Utilizing Regular Expression (RegEx)
  • Spatial Analytics
    • Import and clean points, lines and polygons
    • Combine multiple spatial files
    • Gain valuable insights into spatial fields
      • Land area, distance between points, etc.
    • Reporting on results
      • Create interactive charts to showcase cleansed data
      • Customize tables, charts and maps
    • Macros and Applications
      • Automate data cleansing processes by building a macro
      • Allow users without Alteryx Designer to clean data through an application
    • Alteryx Gallery
      • Learn how to navigate the Gallery
      • Share workflows, macros and applications
      • Schedule workflows
      • Introduction into Gallery roles
    • Alteryx performance and best practices


This class is for Beginner to Intermediate level Alteryx Designer Users and is appropriate for anyone working with data regardless of their analytical background.


Instructor Led In Classroom

Newcomp can directly deliver courses through the use of in-class training facilities.

Currently,  in-class courses are offered in Markham, Ottawa, Vancouver, Halifax, and Edmonton. Please note that classes can be added to new areas based on demand.

Instructor Led Online

Students receive the same quality as an in-class course, with a live instructor and the ability to participate in hands-on labs through real-life examples

ILOs help cut costs by reducing time and travel as they can be taken from home or the office and require only the use of a computer, high-speed wired internet and a headset.