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IBM's Big Data University


As Big Data is gaining traction around the world, more and more companies are attempting to harness their data and put it to use. Along with the rise of Big Data, there has been an emergence of open source software used to analyze and process data on a much larger scale. Tools like Apache Spark and Hadoop have been prominent in providing a solution for Big Data, but also influential in creating a community around open source where anyone can inspect, modify or enhance the source code in the program. This community has encouraged user collaboration to share, learn and grow the computing field together.

This is where IBM’s Big Data University initiative comes in. It provides you with all the resources and tools you need to begin or enhance your skills in working with Big Data, and the best part – it’s free. Students can register online and choose from a variety of courses ranging from introductory to advanced courses, and discover topics such as Computer Science Cloud Computing, Data Science, Big Data and more.

Students can take as long as they need to complete each course, and most courses can be completed within an afternoon. Those who pass will receive a certificate of completion, and students can earn badges for taking a variety of courses in a specific field.

To learn more about Big Data University visit https://bigdatauniversity.com/ and begin your Big Data journey today!




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