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N0CWF-ATM – IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced – Multidimensional Data with TM1 Cubes

This module introduces Cognos Workspace Advanced, a self-service web-based reporting studio that can work with both relational and dimensional data packages.

Cognos Workspace Advanced was designed to combine the features of Query Studio, Analysis Studio, and Report Studio Express; the goal being to eliminate “studio hopping” for users that require a variety of reporting techniques and functions.

This module will focus on building reports using TM1 Cubes.

  • In-class
  • Instructor Led Online

N0QSF – Cognos Query Studio

Through this module, students will learn how to create reports in Query Studio. Query Studio is a self-service, web-based tool designed for business users that are interested in manipulating data with a simple, drag & drop interface that does not require any technical skills or coding. By the end of the module, users will be able to arrange content in both List and Crosstab layouts and apply filters and sorts to the data in the report.

During the course, students will also add easy-to-create calculations to provide additional insight and apply conditional formatting to the numeric data in their reports.

  • In-class
  • Instructor Led Online

N0RSF – Cognos Report Studio Fundamentals

This module teaches students the fundamentals of Report Studio: a powerful web-based tool in Cognos BI designed for professional report authors who need a higher level of control over the functionality and formatting of their reports.

Focusing on relationally-modeled data, students will be introduced to Lists, Crosstabs and Charts as well as interactive features such as prompts and report-to-report drill through. During the course, students will also learn how to add advanced formatting to the objects in their reports and apply conditional styles and rendering.

  • In-class
  • Instructor Led Online